“From Stray to Settled: The Heartwarming Story of a Deaf Dog’s Journey to Finding a Loving Home After More Than a Decade”

Solo is a stray dog who has spent his entire life roaming the streets of Los Angeles. As he grew older and weaker, he was unable to keep up with the other dogs and eventually found himself waiting on a woman’s porch for assistance. Living alone on the porch, the woman named him Solovino, which translates to “he arrived alone” in Spanish, indicating that he had led a solitary existence. Although he continued to stay on the porch for a few days, the woman eventually contacted the Rocket Dog Rescue for help. After being adopted by the rescue center, Solo was flown to San Francisco to begin his new life.

Solo spent over a year in foster care, with multiple failed adoption attempts. But then Carol Messina came across his photo online and was instantly drawn to him. She knew it was fate when she saw his name, Solovino, which reminded her of her love for “Star Wars” and her own cat with a similar name. Despite his previous struggles, she knew Solo was meant to be with her and has given him a forever home.

Upon arriving at his new forever home, Solo was quite frightened. Having spent his whole life on the streets, it was reasonable for him to be cautious around strangers. In fact, when he first moved in with Messina, he remained unresponsive and kept his tail tucked between his legs for months. He wouldn’t react to other animals or humans and flinched whenever anyone tried to touch him. It didn’t take long for Messina to realize that Solo’s hearing and dental health were much worse than what his previous foster parents had anticipated.

The rescue team and foster parents of Solo were unaware of his deteriorating dental health and partial hearing loss due to his old age and poor condition. Solo was quite anxious and frightened around humans as he couldn’t hear their footsteps approaching. Moreover, his toothache had robbed him of any enthusiasm. However, after receiving proper treatment for his dental issues, Solo underwent a remarkable transformation.

After making new furry friends, Solo is now having a great time running and playing around. It’s evident that he has come to terms with his new life and is content with it. Our neighbors often comment on how much he has changed, according to Messina. Earlier, Solo seemed sad and didn’t show any signs of happiness, but now he can be seen rolling and racing around the grass several times a day.

Messina expressed his satisfaction by saying, “I am quite pleased with how he has developed.” This experience of taking care of an elderly dog has inspired me to extend my services to other senior dogs in need of hospice care, as it has been the most rewarding thing I have ever done in my life.

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