Luhu: Adorable Feline with a Heart That Matches His expressive Eyes’ Size

Cats are unique creatures, and no two are ever truly identical. Some felines have a special charm that catches our eyes, and Luhu, an adorable senior tabby cat, is one of them. His expressive face, with large and lovely eyes reminiscent of Puss in Boots, has made him popular among cat lovers on the internet for several years. It’s hard not to wonder what’s going on in his curious mind when you see his images. I had the pleasure of speaking with Luhu’s cat mom, who graciously allowed me to share his story with all of the Cattitude Daily readers. So, let’s get to know this sweet kitty cat with a sad face, who has a big heart and nothing but love to give.

Can you share with us how Luhu got his name? Well, his name was inspired by his biological father named Dahu. We simply followed that name and called him Luhu. By the way, what breed is Luhu? Luhu is actually an American shorthair tabby cat. Interestingly, all of his grandparents originated from the USA back in 2002.

Can you describe Luhu’s character traits?
Luhu exhibits courage by battling his health condition throughout his life. Additionally, he has a kind, optimistic, sociable, and shy personality. Moreover, he enjoys eating and watching animated shows.
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What does Luhu enjoy doing in his free time?
Luhu takes pleasure in indulging in delicious food and binge-watching cartoon shows.

Can you tell us about Luhu’s relationship with his feline siblings?
Luhu is an incredibly gentle and compassionate cat towards every member of our household – be it human or feline. He rarely ever engages in conflict, and if other cats try to bully him, he simply keeps his distance without retaliating in any way.

What makes Luhu particularly unique?
Luhu has faced some significant health challenges since birth, having undergone three major surgeries before reaching the age of two – two eye surgeries and one intestinal surgery. Despite the odds stacked against him, Luhu has surpassed all expectations and has now reached the age of 10.5 years old. He willingly cooperates with any treatments or medication required, and his resilience and strength inspire us all.

I would like to extend my gratitude to Maggie, Luhu’s cat mom, for granting me the opportunity to share Luhu’s story and pictures with the readers of Cattitude Daily. If you’re interested in knowing more about this charming feline with a compassionate nature, don’t forget to follow him on Instagram.

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