No Locks Can Deter The Ravenous Cravings Of This Kitty Cow

As a cat owner, keeping an eye on your feline’s weight is usually a top priority. However, there are those rare cases where our cats are healthy and happy, despite their size causing us to fret. Enter an adorable black-and-white kitty in Bristol, England, who has a knack for finding and devouring any food item in the house. His mom, Sara Matthews, has even gone so far as to install child locks on the fridge to prevent her little guy from overindulging. Unfortunately, this clever kitty has managed to outsmart the locks and continue his snacking spree.

Before he was rescued by Sara, Keith was a stray cat who suffered from malnourishment and stomach issues. When Sara’s daughter turned ten and wanted to do something meaningful to help with her autism, Sara took in Keith with open arms…and an open door. However, Keith quickly became a sneaky little thief, scouring the fridge and cabinets for snacks every night.

The household eventually realized that their feline friend had an insatiable appetite for food. To curb this, Sara purchased some locks to prevent the cat from overindulging. According to Sara, the cat had even resorted to scavenging through the trash bins of both the household and their neighbors, feasting on peculiar items like vegetables and pizza crusts.

Unbeknownst to Sara, Keith was not just smart but also incredibly determined. Once, she placed a bulky bag in front of the cabinet to prevent the sly cat from sticking his paws into it. However, Keith didn’t let that stop him. He used his hefty 24-pound body to push the bag out of the way and achieve his goal.

According to the woman, her pet would easily sneak into the fridge whenever she opened it, which made her anxious that the little creature might get stuck inside without her knowledge. To prevent this from happening, she had to resort to storing all of his food in plastic containers that have secure snap-on covers. Although they also tried using puzzle feeders to make him eat slower, it didn’t work out well since he just ended up knocking them over.

Keith, a 9-year-old feline, has gained a significant amount of weight over the past 7 years. This has caused concern for his human owner, Sara. Despite their efforts to regulate Keith’s food intake, he continued to pack on the pounds. It was later discovered that Keith had been rummaging through neighbors’ bins in search of more food. Additionally, when Keith is on antibiotics, it causes stomach issues, meaning he requires an appetite stimulant to encourage him to eat. Unfortunately, this exacerbates his weight problems even further.

It has been discovered that Keith had a tough upbringing due to his gastro problems, which required a special diet to help him out. However, as he grew older, the cat’s hunger increased to the point where he was stealing food from other felines, leading to significant weight gain and health problems. The family became deeply concerned about Keith’s well-being as a result. In fact, Sara even went so far as to spend roughly US$3459.96 to ensure that the cat was not suffering from any diseases she could think of, insuring his future welfare.

Sara shared that they have invested a considerable amount of money on their feline companion throughout the years. As a kitten, he had issues with his eyes and ears, which required costly medication to resolve. Additionally, they spent £70 per bag on his food for three years. Recently, they spent £2,500 on blood tests to check for Cushing’s disease and diabetes, among other illnesses, but thankfully, all results turned out negative.

Regardless of the amount of money and emotional investment Sara had put into taking care of her beloved cat, she stood firm in her efforts to ensure his well-being. Despite this, when she shared Keith’s before and after photos documenting his weight loss journey, some individuals on social media were not satisfied with her efforts.

Sara shared that they have experienced online abuse due to the size of their cat. She admitted that in the past, she would have thought they were not taking care of him or overfeeding him if she saw a cat his size. However, they have consulted a vet nutritionist who confirmed that they have done everything they can for their beloved feline.

Even though Keith’s weight remains a source of concern for Sara, the feline seems to be content and healthy. With a growing following of almost 95,000 fans on Instagram, Keith has become a beloved sensation for many. Sara also owns two other cats that may help her daughter improve her social skills.

Sara expressed that despite her cat’s weight, he is a content feline who doesn’t seem to view his size as a problem. In fact, Keith seems to live the life of a typical cat and is more lively than Sara’s other two cats.

May Sara’s family be blessed with God’s protection and guidance, as well as the support of Keith, their adversary in the matter of the locks, to experience a life full of joy, health, and love without limits.

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