Pooch Embarks on a 125-Mile Journey with ‘Tears in Her Eyes’ to Reunite with Owner Who Left Her Behind

Dog Walks 125 Miles With ‘Tears In Her Eyes’ To Find Owner Who Abandoned Her

A loyal dog walked an incredible 125 miles with “tears in her eyes” to reunite with her owner who left her behind.

Meet Alla Morozova, a proud owner of a shelter in Novosibirsk, Russia. Her shelter is home to many animals, including Maru, a lovable Bullmastiff dog. Maru was adopted by a couple when she was just five months old, but sadly, after six months, the couple said they had animal allergies and wanted to return her to the shelter.

But Alla is not one to give up on her pets. She firmly stands by her principle that once a dog is adopted from her shelter, the owners should contact her if they can no longer take care of their pet. Despite the couple’s request, Alla refused to give up on Maru and took her back into the shelter.

The situation called for Maru to be sent back to the shelter via train, with one of the assistants taking care of him. However, during the journey spanning around 125 miles or 201 km, the train stopped close to Achinsk station and Maru managed to escape. According to The Siberian Times, Maru was feeling anxious and scared because he felt betrayed by the people he trusted the most. Additionally, the loud noises of the train added to his fear and confusion. Consequently, Maru jumped into the compartment, kicked the handle, and even almost knocked over the driver while making his escape.

Maru’s manager couldn’t keep hold of her, and as a result, contacted the couple to inform them of her disappearance. Alla advised them to search for her in Achinsk, but they both declined. The couple seemed unconcerned, almost as if they no longer cared for Maru’s wellbeing.

Maru was expected to take a stroll from the station to the industrial area of Krasnoyarsk. Meanwhile, Alla opted for a different approach by spreading the news about Maru through leaflets and various social media platforms.

After being rejected from her home, the dog was found after 2.5 days in a Krasnoyarsk industrial area. She was trying to make her way back to the house and was discovered by rescuers who noted her bruises and fatigue. The dog’s eyes were also filled with tears, indicating her emotional distress.

Despite facing the challenges of the wild Russian landscape with its brown bears and wolves, she managed to survive the harsh conditions. What’s even more remarkable is her deep understanding and connection to the land. Alla commented that she had no real geographical guide and only ventured around the city courtyard alone, never venturing further afield.

Maru was exhausted and had injured paws, lips, and other body parts after falling off a train embankment. Despite her injuries, the brave dog would have undoubtedly made her way back home if she hadn’t been hurt.

Maru is currently receiving therapy and medical attention for her injuries, as well as emotional recovery from the trauma she experienced with her biological parents. This is taking place at the shelter in Novosibirsk.

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