“The Heartwarming Tale of Thor and Nyla: A Story of Survival and Feline Friendship”

When it comes to cats, there are certain felines that capture our hearts with just one glance. Special needs cats are among these furry friends who inspire us to show them boundless love and care throughout their lives. Thor and Nyla, a bonded pair of blind cats, are no exception to this rule. Despite the obstacles they faced when it came to living their best life, these courageous kitties have so much love to give.
Their story is one of true love and dedication, as it took a great deal of effort to bring them into their forever home. The couple who adopted Thor and Nyla knew that they were meant to be together from the moment they saw them, and they went to great lengths to make it happen. After 500 miles of travel and careful planning, these two precious kitties finally found their way into the loving arms of their new family. It was clear from the start that Thor and Nyla were destined to be cherished for all time, and their adoptive parents were more than happy to give them the safe and happy home they deserved.

Thor and Nyla

Can you tell me about how Thor and Nyla became a part of your life?

Thor and Nyla were rescued by Tiny Kittens, a cat rescue/TNR organization located in Langley, B.C. Canada, in January of 2020. We discovered them through the 24/7 YouTube live stream on Tiny Kittens’ website and were immediately drawn to their adorable faces and vulnerable states. Despite being injured and malnourished, they were perfect to us. Due to Covid-related delays, it took some time before we were able to adopt them officially and fly them 800 km / 500 miles to bring them home.

How did you decide on their names?

The names Nyla and Thor were chosen by Shelly Roche, the head of Tiny Kittens, based on what they had overcome. Nyla represents an achiever, a survivor who has succeeded despite obstacles, while Thor represents strength, thunder, and protection. Thor’s name is particularly fitting as he was completely blind and managed to survive in the wild for at least a year, as determined by Dr. Renee Ferguson, the veterinarian at Mountain View Veterinary Hospital who performed his eye surgery.

Thor and Nyla

Could you share some insights on their unique bond?
The term “inseparable” perfectly encapsulates the nature of their special connection. They are constantly intertwined, whether it be during slumber, meals, or marathon wrestling matches. They engage in reckless play, chase each other with abandon, and even groom each other to prepare for nap time. It is rare to see them apart, which is a testament to the depth and strength of their bond that almost cannot be put into words. Tag is their favorite pastime, and Thor has memorized every nook and cranny of our household, running at breakneck speed as if he were not visually impaired. Nyla signals the start of the game with a sharp trill and a gallop towards Thor, stopping just inches away to tap him lightly and initiate the chase. We watch in awe as they pursue each other, sometimes for over 20 minutes, with Thor expertly cutting corners, winding through furniture, and leaping over obstacles to keep up with Nyla.

Thor and Nyla

What is a unique aspect of Thor and Nyla that cat lovers should be aware of?

Thor and Nyla, despite being special needs felines, live joyous, fulfilling, and normal cat lives. They serve as ambassadors for owners who were hesitant to adopt a cat with special needs, encouraging them to consider giving one a home. While it may require extra attention to address their unique needs, the affection they shower upon you makes it all worthwhile. We often remind people that adopting a special needs cat not only benefits the cat but also the owner in ways beyond imagination.

Thor and Nyla

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Danielle and Joel for their kind gesture of adopting these unique cats. I am also grateful to them for permitting me to share their story and pictures with our readers at Cattitude Daily. It is my earnest desire that their inspiring narrative will encourage others to consider giving special needs cats a loving forever home. Please visit their Facebook page to learn more about this charming duo.

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