“The Tigress of Verona”: Meet Theo Hernandez’s New Flame, Tattoo Model Zoe Cristofoli

The football sensation from AC Milan, Theo Hernandez, has sparked rumors of dating with the famous tattoo model Zoe Cristofoli on social media. The 22-year-old player has been engaging in playful conversations with the gorgeous lady flaunting her inked body on Instagram.

The beautiful model, who is adorned with intricate tattoos, is currently in a romantic relationship with AC Milan football player, Theo Hernandez. This information was revealed through their respective social media accounts.

Zoe boasts of an impressive number of 500,000 followers on her Instagram account.

The woman from Italy has ink on various parts of her body, including her neck, arms, legs, and torso.

In the near future, she may be seen cheering on her partner at San Siro Stadium once football games are safe to attend again. Recently, the couple enjoyed a romantic boat ride and shared a kiss while vacationing in Capri. Zoe has an extensive collection of tattoos covering her arms, legs, neck, and torso, which she frequently showcases on her Instagram account with over 528,000 followers. Hernandez is not shy about expressing his admiration for her, leaving flattering comments on her posts. However, Zoe’s affection may also be directed towards her adorable dog, as she referred to him as her best friend in a recent photo. The “Tigress of Verona” previously dated Italian TV personality Fabrizio Corona.

Although she has a significant number of followers on Instagram, she doesn’t prefer to be called an “influencer.”

Zoe Cristofolio, an Instagram model from Italy, has a considerable fan following of 33,600. She is often seen commenting on Hernandez’s pictures on Instagram and was even spotted hanging out with Manchester City footballer Sergio Aguero in 2018. Although many consider her to be an influencer, Zoe herself dislikes the label and prefers to communicate with people and share her thoughts through beautiful pictures on her social media accounts.

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